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We supply logs for Camberley and the surrounding area, all of our logs are seasoned and ready for use. We also supply kindling wood for Camberley and the surrounding areas. Logs, firewood and kindling to the Camberley area is delivered promptly.

Using firewood cut from managed trees is a sustainable process of managing woodland. This helps to protect the trees and woodland for future generations.

The ecological benefits of burning firewood are numerous, perhaps the most important is that it is not a fossil fuel and doesn't release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Please call Gareth to discuss your requirements.


As we are a delivery company we can also deliver logs in Guildford, logs in Farnborough, logs in Farnham and logs in Woking. Our delivery service is reliable and also includes kindling wood supplies, our firewood bundles consist of mixed woods.


  • Log fires emit zero carbon dioxide

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Camberley is a town that sits on the borders of three counties, although it is in Surrey it is right on the border of Berkshire and close to the border with Hampshire. Originally it was known as Cambridge Town, but the Royal Mail insisted on a name change in case it was mistaken for Cambridge in Cambridgeshire, such was the power of the Post Office. It is home of the world famous Sandhurst miltary college which has been training the officer class of the British army for many years. Various notorious officers have passed through its gates as have various members of the British Royal Family. Known as a commuter town it has rail and road links with London which makes it a very popular home town for city workers.


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