Guildford Logs

Logs, Kindling & Firewood
For Guildford
Guildford Logs Pile

Full Load:  1.2 Cubic Metres


Half Load: 0.6 Cubic Metres



£5 Per Net

Tube of 100 Firelighters


Burning Log


Log fires emit zero carbon dioxide

Firewood, Logs and Kindling is Delivered to:






The Surrounding Areas

Free Local Delivery

Log Pile
Guildford Logs Van

About Guildford Logs

We supply logs for Guildford and the surrounding area, all of our logs are seasoned and ready for use. We also supply kindling wood for Guildford and the surrounding areas. Logs, firewood and kindling to the Guildford area is delivered promptly.

Our wood is seasoned which means that it is the most efficient way of burning the logs. Unseasoned wood can be up to 45% moisture which is dramatically reduced by seasoning. Seasoning wood means that it has been left to dry in the right conditions.

The ecological benefits of burning firewood are numerous, perhaps the most important is that it is not a fossil fuel and doesn’t release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Please call us to discuss your requirements, should you wish to collect any logs, kindling and firewood, arrangemenys can be made on request.

As we are a delivery company we can also deliver logs in Camberley, logs in Farnborough, logs in Farnham and logs in Woking. Our delivery service is reliable and also includes kindling wood supplies, our firewood bundles consist of mixed woods.

Guildford is the largest town in Surrey and is often mistaken for a city, but although it has a cathederal it does not have city status. It is an ancient town which has always been prosperous. It is believed that it’s name is derived from the Saxon for golden ford which refers to the sands around the River Wey that flows through Guildford. Although it is the county town of Surrey, Guildford is not the administrative headquarters of the county, which is in Kingston Upon Thames. One of the features of Guildford town centre is that it is built on a hill, which although it looks nice, can be a bind for shoppers.